The sandy terrain of Alto Trujillo, Peru, can turn any rain even into a disaster as it did here in March.

Latin America Relief Fund

By Dr. Wrede Vogel

Blessed is the one who has concern for helpless people. The Lord will rescue him in times of trouble." — Psalm 41:1

In March of this year, devastating storms hit the west coast of Peru, causing massive flooding. In the coastal region north of Lima 700,000 were left homeless and 94 people were killed. As we have seen wherever the Luke Society has been called to serve, the poor live in inadequate homes, suffer from inferior infrastructure and have a decreased ability to respond to natural disasters. Homes are of simple construction and vulnerable to the elements. In addition to the immediate physical impact of the storms, local resources are unable to respond to emergencies we see in developed countries.

The Luke Society isn’t a relief agency, and we don’t typically direct our efforts to specific tragedies. But when a disaster like this occurs where we have a ministry partnership, we are uniquely positioned to provide an effective and efficient response. Our Christian compassion compels us to act in these situations.

We have worked with Dr. Felix and Bertha Aldave for more than 20 years as they have provided community health education and evangelism in the refugee village of Cerro Bolongo, just outside Trujillo, Peru. So when floods hit, Bertha emailed our office with the news and a request for funds to provide basic necessities for the villagers. We were able to wire funds to them immediately. The reason we could respond was twofold: Our donors had previously donated funds for unexpected disasters like this. And we have a deep relationship with Felix and Bertha which gives us confidence the funds will be used appropriately. In this case, the Aldaves were able to respond immediately to provide emergency shelter, blankets and food.

The ability to respond immediately to a crisis is sincerely appreciated by our ministry directors and, I believe, has strengthened our impact and relationships in these communities. Demonstrating the love of Christ often opens the door to share the Gospel which brings salvation through Christ.

This recent disaster exhausted the relief funds we have set aside for Latin America. Please help us restore that fund and be equipped to respond to the next crisis.

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