Friendship prevails

April 13, 2018 at 6:00 AM

elsalvadorschool.jpgChildren at a school Dr. Beatriz Navidad's works with in Buenos Aires recently put into practice a lesson they were taught about friendship.

(Editor’s note: Dr. Beatriz Navidad is the director of the Clinica Lukas in Metapán, El Salvador. She previously served in the community of El Pimental before moving in Metapán late in 2014)

Friendship prevails

By Dr. Beatriz Navidad

Our Luke Society ministry visits the Metapan schools, promoting important topics that contribute to the guides developed by the teachers for the classes

The Values ​​and Assertive Communication program is well received by fourth-grade children in the Buenos Aires community.

Recently, we studied the theme of friendship. That theme was impressed when a group started to attack one of their classmates, because their family attended an evangelical church.

Some were in favor of continuing the friendship, others had decided to get away from their friend.

In this community, they are very faithful to their traditional rituals.

Finally, after many opinions, they agreed that they could remain friends, because human value and friendship were more important.

This allowed us to talk about the life and love of Jesus. Christian education is a slow process in places where children do not know Jesus, but we know from the Word of God that the continuity of teaching and intercessory prayer opens the opportunities to sow the seed and proclaim the name of Christ.

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