Haiti Christian event grows

April 27, 2018 at 6:00 AM

Dr. Erol Rene talks to a group of Christians who have gathered at a church in Cayes-Jacmel. (File photo) 

(Editor's note: Dr. Erol Pierre Rene is the director of the Luke Society ministry in Cayes-Jacmel, Haiti. He has been in that role since 2010.)

Haiti Christian event grows

By Dr. Erol Rene

In the Southeast Department of Haiti, there is a Baptist evangelical mission called Mission Bautista Eben-Ezer de Jacmel. It is one of the largest evangelical missions in the Haiti Baptist denomination.

It was started on July 18, 1937. At the beginning it was called Evangelical Home and then Eben-Ezer until it adopted its current name. The first service was attended by 22 people from nine families in the city of Jacmel.

During the first two years, the first gatherings took place in a room in the city. Then, due to the increase in the number of participants, those responsible decided to rent a place with a courtyard where the faithful congregated until the year 1960.

Thanks to multiple evangelization campaigns that included all the communities of the Southeast Department and a part of the West, the mission expanded. In rural communities, the first believers convened underneath gathering areas covered with coconut leaves.

For this large gathering, the mission had few workers. They had only three pastors and 10 deacons in the first years

Currently, the mission has 11 active pastors, two students in theology and many deacons and workers doing the work of the Lord.

Today, 103 churches have been built with their own resources contributed by the faithful and also several primary and secondary schools.

Each year, the mission organizes its annual evangelical convention during Holy Week in a community called Marigot, where during five days more 10,000 faithful come from different horizons to praise the Lord and share the Word of God.

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