Home page relaunch

May 03, 2018 at 6:00 PM


Home page relaunch

By Dan BreenDan short 3.jpg

Welcome to the newly redesigned Luke Society home page. We’re glad you’ve come to check it out.

Whether you’re here for the first time or you’ve been a regular, we appreciate your visit.

The last major redesign to the Luke Society website came in the late fall of 2015. In an effort to keep up with growing trends online, we felt it was important to continue to develop the website as a tool for the Luke Society ministry.

First of all, this isn’t a complete redesign of the website. Efforts were mostly put forth to change the homepage. Many of the other ministry pages remain the same. However, new photos are periodically added to keep them fresh.

The new home page has several changes you might notice. One of ideas behind the changes was to remove some of the text and make it more visually interesting. The three pages which have some of the highest level of traffic on our site have been converted to photos which can take you directly to a page of interest.

Removing some of the text has also cleared room for the addition of more video to our home page.

While a good photo can say 1,000 words, video goes even further, enabling visitors to the website to not only see what life in like in our ministry locations, but to hear cultural music and voices in their native dialects. Be sure to check back often for new video clips from the ministry we make.

The blog, which had previously been updated three times a week, remains a place where we can express different communication and stories. While the feature story page will not be updated quite as frequently, there will be weekly changes to the stories to keep the site fresh.

Condensing the previous ministry map into buttons allows for easier navigation to ministry sites. The new home page also includes some interesting facts and figures at the bottom of the page which can be alternated from time to time.

We hope you spend some time taking a look at the new home page. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, you may contact me at dan@lukesociety.org.

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