"The Luke Society provides resources and support for international Christian health visionaries passionate about ministering to needs in their own cultures. Our mission empowers nationals to share the saving grace of the Gospel through preaching, teaching and healing."

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Indielou Dougnon brings healing to Mali

Indielou Dougnon was abandoned and out of options when God flipped the script. In a perfect marriage of timing and networking, the Luke Society came alongside Dougnon in 2001 with the...


Modeling Generosity

Last year while traveling back from Africa, I sat next to an Australian on a flight from Amsterdam to Minneapolis. The topic of medical care in the United States came up when he learned I was a physician. He made an interesting comment. “The problem is that American doctors are only in it...


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The hands and feet of Christ

       Empowering is a term perhaps overused in mission strategy today. But it does reflect a positive move to help Christians in developing countries take ownership of the challenges and opportunities to make a difference in their own countries.

        The Luke Society, for more than four decades, has embraced the concept of empowering Christian health professionals who have a passion to serve the poor in their...