"The Luke Society provides resources and support for international Christian health visionaries passionate about ministering to needs in their own cultures. Our mission empowers nationals to share the saving grace of the Gospel through preaching, teaching and healing."

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Reconstructing Moyobamba

MOYOBAMBA, Peru—It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Joshua is one of Mario Luis Huaman Davila’s favorite Bible characters.

The man tasked with leading God’s chosen...


Opportunity knocks

By Dr. Greg Kuiper

Most of us have experienced the regret of knowing we didn’t make the most of an opportunity.

It might have been a test we didn’t study for—and our grade reflected it. Or maybe we didn’t sprint to the finish line, placing poorly in a race.

Since joining the...


A call to our supporters...

Drilling for water in Kenya

By Phil David

I have lived in three states: Michigan, the Great Lakes State; Mississippi, where I daily saw the Great River; and in South Dakota, where both the Big Sioux and Missouri rivers flow. Never once have I been concerned about water where I’ve lived.

But as I have traveled with the Luke Society, I have visited several countries where water is not only a daily need but often a daily problem. Kenya is one of those countries.

According to the World Health...